Lal Teer Livestock Website and Portal Design

Case Study


Lal Teer Livestock, a leading livestock management company in Bangladesh, partnered with us to develop their website. This case study highlights the key stages of the web development life cycle, focusing on the utilization of WordPress. The project aimed to create a clean, maintainable, and visually appealing website while ensuring strong security measures and showcasing their product breeds.


Process of work

Project Initiation

We initiated the project by gathering information about LalTeerLivestock's objectives, target audience, and specific requirements for the website.


Based on the gathered information, we devised a comprehensive plan, including a sitemap and wireframes, to outline the website's structure and user interface.


We designed an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly interface, aligning with LalTeerLivestock's brand identity. Special attention was given to effectively displaying their product breeds.

WordPress Development

Utilizing the power of WordPress, we developed the website with a focus on clean development, ensuring efficient code structure and scalability. We integrated custom templates and relevant plugins to enhance functionality and ease of maintenance.

Testing and Review

Rigorous testing was conducted to ensure optimal performance, functionality, and compatibility across different devices. Feedback from LalTeerLivestock's stakeholders was incorporated to refine the website further.


Once the testing and review phase were successfully completed, we prepared for the website launch. We coordinated with LalTeerLivestock's IT team to set up the required hosting environment and domain configuration. Leveraging WordPress, we facilitated a smooth transfer of the website from our development server to the client's hosting environment.


The Challenges

Clean Development

We prioritized maintaining a clean code structure to ensure easy maintenance and future updates.

Displaying Breeds

Implementing an intuitive and visually appealing showcase of LalTeerLivestock's product breeds posed a challenge. We utilized WordPress capabilities and customized layouts to effectively present the breeds.

Strong Security

We implemented robust security measures to safeguard the website and protect sensitive data, ensuring a secure online environment.

The Final Result

By leveraging WordPress, we successfully delivered a visually appealing, user-friendly, and secure website for Lal Teer Livestock. Through effective planning, WordPress customization, and rigorous testing, we overcame these challenges, resulting in a successful website launch.

The website now serves as a platform for Lal Teer Livestock to showcase their product breeds, attract customers, AI training and maintain their online presence. Ongoing maintenance and security measures ensure the website's longevity, allowing Lal Teer Livestock to thrive in the digital landscape.

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Team Photo
Mamun Haider
Operations Director, Lat Teer Livestock
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